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This is amazing! So happy you were chosen for the Project Life creative team! After scrolling through MANY of your PL posts I am so inspired. Loving your style!


Awesome organization ideas! And your photos of the cards really captured their beauty. Can't wait to get Sunshine myself! I think when I hit up Ikea soon, I'll try a few of those organizer bins. Thanks!

Kellie Winnell

These trays look fantastic! I see you have the jumbo ink pad too, love mine. I have been using the kit tray for mine and standing the cards up and in my desk draw, but I need something a little like this I think to be able to have more at my hands, than all over the desk. Thanks for sharing!


Love your collection. I have Seafoam and Midnight kits at home and love them!
Trish, may I asked the name of the Ikea tray? It looks awesome and all the stuff is perfectly organized in it!

Paula O

Love it! I have those trays, great idea! Love your layouts and style

Trisha Harrison

Paula, Thanks so much! Yes, they are awesome fit.

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