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rachel del grosso

Trisha, this may have been one of my favorite of your entries, ever! Probably because I got a glimpse inside your journal (which I'm obsessed with.. just like seeing the contents of peoples purses for some reason, haha!)

Love all of your goals. Happy new year!!

Mika (Oshiro Design)

These photos are stunning-fireworks are my absolute favorite! My NYE was very low-key, but I spent it with a loved one, so it was all that I could've asked for! Maybe next year I'll do more of what you did and stay up for the fireworks and drink hot chocolate- it sounds amazing. Happy New Year!


I love that you keep a journal! Happy New Year Trisha.


I read on one of your blogs that you take the time to sort your PL by color...I thought...hmmm.. that must take a lot of time..well, I was packing my scrappin stuff up to take to our cabin this weekend...and I dropped my box of PL cards...oh no!! the cards went everywhere!! I quickly picked them up and stuffed them into the box..this weekend I got them out...spread them out..and sorted them by color..i think I am going to really, really like this system! thanks for the tip!:)

Trish Harrison

Thanks Rachel !! It's true and hope to share more this year. Thanks for reading & wish you a happy new year too.

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