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What a great day back at home, love the diving photos you got. I love seeing kids fearless in the water since I'm not a water person.
I didn't do a lot of evening pictures either, most nights we were just hanging in our own spaces and/or most of the members were out till bedtime, life with teens. I decided ahead to just be ok about that and enjoy what I did get.
Thanks again for posting these for us. I read your one below too, YAY for another great day of photos. Here is the link to my blog which I did blog each day this week, that alone is BIG since I don't blog that much anymore. Doing this made me want to start up again though, I forgot how much I love sharing our stories there.
Can't wait to see the rest of your days. Happy lazy easy summer days to you.

my link is http://everydaymemorieswithprojectlife.blogspot.com


I forgot to mention, how beautiful the quilts are. How wonderful that you get these now. My grandma used to make each grandchild a quilt when they were born. I still have mine and my kids and love them.
My mom just surprised me with a quilt this week for my birthday, totally shocked me as she's never quilted before. I was so touched by it. Hoping she can help me start on one now and make some for gifts this Christmas. Enjoy them!

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