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It seems like you have a solid plan. Love those various numbers! They look really awesome. I don't care about week numbers but I might use this style for documenting a Birthday or something else with numbers like our anniversary.

How thick are the 6x8 binders you have?

Rachel Del Grosso

I loved your use of the graphic numbers in your spreads this year, so I was looking forward to seeing if you would keep them for next year. I love that you are, but that you're changing it up a bit. Looks great.

Linda Cameron

I'm still trying to catch up on 2014. . .not sure I ever will actually catch up.

Kat | The Mama Bears

Love all the prep work and thought you are putting into it. I completely understand how one can lose enthusiasm for this way of memory keeping, but I applaud you for continuing! Is it selfish of me to say how much I love your style and am excited to see you document in the new year? :)

Trisha Harrison

Andrea - Thanks Andrea, Here is hoping. The Album is the Becky Higgins 6x8 Brand the spine is 2in. I am hoping with this new minimal approach that I still end up with two albums for the year like previous but if not then i'm ok with that too.

Rachel - Thanks friend. I really like how they help me keep on track.

Linda - I hear you but also know that it is possible - I taught a class on BPC called catching up with PL it is very useful and I am following my own words there too, it's good to remember it's not a race and it's ok to go at your own pace too.

Kat | The Mama bears - Oh gosh thank you so much for reading and now for the support - another reason I love this project ... meeting great people (your blog is beautiful) Not selfish at all. Thanks again for the support :)

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